Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Most Romantic Photos Of All Time

Enjoy this selection of the most romantic photos of all time.

Ultimate Sheepdog Jess

Springer Spaniel Jess rounds up orphaned lambs and feeds them from a bottle herself.

Optical Illusions

F-35 Flight Simulators

Disgusting Cakes

RX-78 Gundam

Giant RX-78 Gundam.

This Guy Give This to His Parents on Facebook

A Man Who Looks Like Terminator

37-year-old Alaska resident Jason Barnum is on trial right now. People call him Terminator. See the rest of the pictures to find out why.

It's Really Funny

These Photos Are Real

100% Photoshop free.

Costa Concordia is a New Tourist Attraction

Seven months after the Costa Concordia disaster the wrecked ship is still there and it became a new tourist attraction. New cruise ferry line bring tourists to the ship so close as possible.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Tank Chair

Tank Chair is an off-road wheelchair that can go anywhere - streams, mud, snow, sand, and gravel.

Raising a Bird

House with a Beautiful View in West Vancouver

This house with a beautiful seaside view is located in West Vancouver, British Columbia. The 3,430 sq. ft. (320 sq. m.) place is on sale for $5,498,000. 

Bus House

Teen Girl with Giant Feet

19-year-old teen girl from the UK Emma Cahill is 6 ft 5 in (195.5 cm) tall. And she has the UK shoe size 14 (15 in the US and 50 in Europe). It's the largest pair of women's feet in the whole Europe.

Dogs Rescued After Being Trapped

10-year-old dachshund Daphne and 4-year-old Ester were rescued in Finland after being trapped in deep ravine for two days.

American Cities a Century Ago

Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, 1917

1American Cities a Century Ago (34 pics)

Global Surface Temperature Rise

Here is the map of global surface temperature rise from 1880 till 2011. The red color indicate the areas with a temperature higher than the average temperature of the baseline period spanning the years 1951—1980.

Welcome to the Cliff of Preikestolen, Norway

Famous tourist attraction Preikestolen is a 1982 ft (604 m) high cliff in Norway.

Gufr Berger, One of the Deepest Caves in the World

Welcome to the Gufr Berger cave in the French Alps. It's more than 4,000 ft (1,200 m) deep. 

Beautiful Photos by Ali Erturk

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Real Life Pin Up

True Love Story

Just see the pictures. Nothing else has to be said.

Raising a Bear Cub

A Latvian Woman is raising an abandoned wild bear cub alongside her children. The cub called Ilzite treats the woman as her mother

The Winners of British Wildlife Photography Awards 2012

Here are the best photos of The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2012.

Long or Short?

What hairstyle is better?

Anne Hathaway

Zeus, the World's Tallest Dog

According to the Guinness Book of World Records for 2013, Zeus the Great Dane is the world's tallest dog.

Botanical Garden Inside a Train Station

Botanical Garden inside Atocha train station, Madrid, Spain. In 1992 the original train station building was taken out of service as a terminal, and converted into a concourse with shops, cafés, a nightclub and the magnificent greenhouse with over 7,000 plants of 260 different species.

Friday, September 14, 2012

No Magic Here, Just Makeup

Awesome Home Inside an Old Water Tower

Isn't it a great idea to build your new home inside an old water tower? It's cheap, it's unusual and it does look good.

Bizarre Medical Treatments Involving Animals

World's Tallest Mohawk

Forty-year-old fashion designer from Tokyo Kazuhiro Watanabe has the world's tallest mohawk. It's 3-foot-8.6-inch or 1.3 m tall. The 2013 edition of Guinness World Records Book will include him for the very first time. Kazuhiro Watanabe says it took him 15 years to grew his hair and he spends two hours a day using one can of gel and three cans of hairspray to make it stand.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Raise Money for a School Fundraiser

This one is hilarious. This little girl knows exactly how to raise money for a school fundraiser.

WTF Meat Cooking

Why would anyone cook meat this way?

BMW with Crazy Doors

Moustafa Ismail, a Man with the World’s Largest Biceps

Moustafa Ismail from Egypt is a man with the world’s largest biceps. 24-year-old gas station attendant Big Mo who has had his 79 cm (31 in) biceps confirmed will appear in the 2013 issue of the Guinness Book of Records. During the last ten years he has been practicing 6 hours a day in two separate trainings.

How to Take Six Kids to School with a Bike

Here is an interesting way to take six kids to school with a bike. Well, two bikes actually. 

Fast Food

Just a snack.

The Best of Leisure Dives

Leisure dive pics.

Cute Sea Lion Playing with His Reflection

Things 90s Kids Realize

Guy Has Sent His Camera to the Space

$320 and 40 hours of work.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Barbie from Facebook

The set of operations, a ton of makeup and photoshop, and here it is happiness – likeBarbie. Meet Laura Vinikomba – Facebook the new star and the idol of all the glamor girls.

Awkward Couple Photos

Weird and funny couple photos.

DIY Iron Man's Arc Reactor

Frankenstein. Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of the 1931 Frankenstein movie.

Retro Photos of Las Vegas

Retro photos of the fabulous Las Vegas.

The Most Expensive Hong Kong Apartment

This is Opus Hong Kong, the building that has one of the most expensive apartments in the world. The apartment was sold for 61 million US dollars making it the priciest condominium in the Chinese city and possibly the second most expensive in the world.

Underground Male Model Fight Club

Photos of the underground male model fight club.