Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters. Before And After

Amanda Lepore

Duquesa De Alba

Donatella Versace

Dolly Parton

Heidi Montag

Jackie Stallone

Janice Dickinson

Joan Van Ark

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Latoya Jackson

Joan Rivers

Michaela Romanini

Bruce Jenner

Carrot Top

Kenny Rogers

Michael Jackson


Anonymous said...

pros and cons!

Jack said...

I believe that too much is always bad in every aspect of life. We should be thankful that technology does a lot of improvements in our system. But we should always be guided by proper usage of this new technology. Like in plastic surgery, we cannot control ageing but we can do slow down aging signs. Too much plastic surgery would just make you look bad rather than make you look good. It is good that bay area cosmetic surgeons do not spoil their patients with too much surgery. They are very concern on the results if they would give more than the normal. Take bay area facelift for example, my mom had. She used to want everything done on her face but the surgeon refused because the result might make her like ugly. Good thing she listened to her surgeon! The result was fantastic, we look like sisters now!

Katie said...

We should remember that undergoing plastic surgery needs maintenance. These celebrities, as we all know, have a hectic and busy schedule every day. There are times that they don't get enough sleep and skip meals. There are people that have a successful life through surgery because they took care of that blessing.

[Katie Hallison]

Kristy Martin said...

OMG! Their look is horrible after the surgeries... Everyone should do it with moderation!
I also had a cosmetic surgery, a tummy tuck in Toronto, but only because I've lost quite many extra pounds and my belly skin looked awful.
We should take care if we don't want to look like them!