Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Animals in Teacups

1. Squirrel in a Teacup!

What are you doing in that teacup, Mr. Squirrel?!

2. Two Kittens, Two Teacups

Just add water.

3. Ducklings in a Cup

They will not be going far.

4. The Best Laid Plans

Bet you didn't think you'd end up your day in a teacup, did you, mouse?

5. Cutest Kitten in the Entire World

As a connoisseur of the genre, I can tell you that this is the cutest kitten ever made. Of course she got in a teacup! Of course she did. You can find more of her work here.

6. Giant Teacup!

Or small cat.

7. Puppy in a Teacup

Dogs. I don't like them. But this one is legitimately in a teacup, so there you go.

8. Teacup Ferret

All different kinds of animals get in teacups, apparently.

9. Golden Hamster

This guy is actually in a couple of teacups.

10. Bunnies!

And finally, bunnies. These were hard to find in a teacup. It is not their natural habitat.

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